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“Success belongs to those who inspire others to do their best work and bring lasting change.  Project management skills are the best way to make your mark and rise to your full potential.”

– Jason Dodd

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What Will You Find Here?

My vision for PM Perspective is to provide you with as much
practical, immediately usable information on project management as I can. 
To that end, you can expect to see content added on a regular basis, so check back often!


Theory’s great, until you actually have to manage a project in real life.  PM Perspective courses focus on the actions you need to take tomorrow to start building a groundswell of support and success.



You’ll come for the templates and tools, but walk away with so much more.  The Resources section is the place where I share the stuff that has helped me succeed over the years.


Coming Soon – You’ve watched the YouTube channel, now dig into a collection of written and audio content, crafted to help you build the career you always knew you were destined to have.