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Jason Dodd

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I will walk you through how to get the best results with the template, including a review of who should be involved, and step-by-step instructions.

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You’ll get lifetime access to the template, including free access to future updates I might make to the template or instructions.


The Template Landing Page includes a Q&A section where you can ask questions, should you need help or get stuck.

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What Are People Saying About PM Perspective Courses and Templates?

This course is was what I was looking for...

For me there was never a hesitation to sign up for the course, as I normally do a little research before I enroll. I saw that Jason Dodd is actually a successful PM, I saw his YouTube channel and liked what I saw and subscribed to his channel , also reviewed his site. It shows that Jason is a teacher, a coach at heart. That really hit me. With what I learned in this course, I will feel more comfortable addressing my team and confident when building a successful WBS, Network and Project Plan, gathering the proper requirements, getting the Team engaged and be a part of the whole process. This is really valuable. This course is was what I was looking for. Jason will walk you through a scenario and provide you with a step by step process. It's like taking a LIVE class that would have a high price tag, it's like taking a quick afternoon workshop on Project Scheduling. AMAZING!!!

Frank S.

Given Me Hope And Faith

In the past, I have gone on MS Projects courses to the advanced level and I've attended team facilitation courses - and generally I've left those courses with a feeling of disappointment. They did not address my practical questions. THIS COURSE IS WHAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR. This course has given me hope and faith in my love of Project Management again. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. The most critical lesson for me, was learning how to get the Team to want to do the tasks, since we manage through influence and not authority. What would I say to someone thinking about taking this course? Just do it already. There are some great courses out there on Project Management. However, not one that takes you by the hand and gives you this step by step key guide on how to achieve those great processes that makes us do what we love with confidence.

Warda Isaacs


This course quite useful for any people who is delivering projects or are going to be in such position, doesn't matter what type of project or how big the organisation is. Although I have been delivering projects for some years now some of them as big a a billion dollar, I found Jason presentation and his availability for advice down the line priceless. Thanks Jason!

Mehdi Kardehi