Sample Plan for the Plan (MS Project Version)

Sample Plan for the Plan (XLSX Version)

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The advanced course does a deep dive and provides step-by-step instruction on how to bring the team together to create the ultimate plan, a plan that everyone on the project team is passionately committed to.

If you like what you’ve learned so far, then let’s not say goodbye!  I’d be excited and honored to provide you with more guidance and coaching. 

AND – to give you some incentive to act now – if you enroll before the timer, below, runs out, you can join for only $29.  (That’s $50 dollars off the regular price!)

  • Rodney Lumpkins says:

    Excellent content.

  • leigh richardson says:

    This was a great video and something I didn’t fully appreciate but I realise a lot of the troubles I have had on projects have come down to this. I hope the third video reveals the techniques to work from in the future.

  • Leigh says:

    Great video. What I liked as an experienced PM is confirmation and clarity on a lot of the tasks that I typically conduct. It’s nice sometimes to know that you are doing things right. I like the presentation style and I like the fact that Jason is delivering the information in a non-condescending style. Quite often in PM circles there is a condescending tone which often arises to cover up lack of knowledge. Jason is clearly very experienced and comfortable with his knowledge and experience and I feel I am in good hands.

  • Bosun says:

    hi Jason..Just completed listening to the 1st course….will go on next soon. It’s been insightful for me. I’m learning well.

  • Nquavah says:

    I really enjoyed this course and felt like there was a lot of useful information here and it’s explained in a way that’s easy to grasp. There’s definitely a lot to absorb so I’d probably have to watch it a couple of times but it holds your attention so that’s not a problem. I would absolutely sign up for any PM course you offer.

  • Bogdan says:

    Thanks Jason for the great content. I’ve just finished the first episode. I liked the idea of having a “plan for the plan” in such a structured way, to make sure all the aspects of the project are covered.

  • Eric Centeno says:

    I really enjoyed the “Plan For The Plan” idea. I am saying that since I have never got the opportunity to be a part of that process, my projects have been under “Plan For Execution” process which I enjoyed but I am looking forward to have a new opportunity to develop my skills. Thanks..

  • Ingrid says:

    Thank you for the great lessons and good advice.
    Greetings from Belgium.
    I just started off a junior Project Manager.

  • Lola Olatuyi says:

    This lesson, I have learnt the correct approach to Project management. Many Thanks Jason.

    • Jason says:

      You are very welcome Lola.

  • Victoria Caballero says:

    Thank you so much for the information, it was very useful for me was like “I can see the light”. And I really like the way you explain, you are a natural teacher. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I will look forward to the advanced course.

    • Jason says:

      Yay Victoria! Best of luck to you in your project management endeavors. Remember, I’m here for you if you have any questions.

  • Lola Olatuyi says:

    This is just what I needed to get started. I have found it very practical but a bit too fast for me to absorb all the info. I want to complete the homework tasks but I dont have a proper team yet. Hopefully, I should have the team in place by Friday.

    • Jason says:

      Hi Lola, glad you’re finding it useful! 🙂

  • Alexander Fernandez says:

    Hello Jason,

    I jus watched the first course and it was very useful. I will pursuit the others courses and then probably subscribe for the Advanced Project Scheduling course. Thank you for all these amazing resources.

    Alexander Fernandez

    • Jason says:

      Glad you found the material useful! Hope to see you soon in the Advanced course.

  • Todd Church says:

    Hey Jason!

    Just went through the first video and I am already feeling a lot more informed and prepared for performing better in my current IT Project Management role. I have been transitioning from a career in the Audio Visual industry to a career in Project Management over the last 3 years. While I have learned a lot through my degree, and other various real life experiences, it is these exact types of lessons that you are providing that I learn best from.

    • Jason says:

      Awesome! I’m so glad you’re getting value from the course. Remember, I’m here if you have any questions. 🙂

  • Shanon says:

    Getting the team involved in planning, assigning task and estimating the duration is more like the use of an agile process. Thank you for the concise explanation and showing the benefits of having the team involved in the planning processes.

  • Dan says:

    Hi Jayson,
    Awesome content and explanation! Thank you.

    Only reporting that none of the plan to plan download links are functioning at the moment…
    Please verify the links.

    • Jason says:

      Hey Dan,

      Glad you found the content useful!

      Let me look into the links and see what’s going on.

    • Jason says:

      Hi Dan, wanted to let you know that I was able to reproduce the issue and believe I have fixed the problem. Take a look and let me know.

  • Narendra Parmar says:

    it’s interesting, but it will be awesome with any IT project example thanks for it.

    • Jason says:

      Hi Narendra. I’m glad you find it interesting!

      The sample plan-for-the-plan, which you can download on this page is definitely IT-based and can be used for just about any IT project as the steps included (requirements, design, etc.) are all part of the Software Development Life Cycle. If you have any questions about how to use the downloaded template, please let me know.

  • Frank Santella says:

    I really like what you are offering and would like to know the courses you teach? or even better any all in course for PM, or is it only the Project Scheduling you are offering?

    • Jason says:

      Hi Frank, glad you like what you see.

      I’m just offering the scheduling course at the moment. I just came out of a hard year, personally, which took me away from the PM Perspective project for a while but I’m building an office/studio, which should be done in a few weeks, after which, I will start to work on a few things:

      1) More YouTube videos
      2) Adding a number of project templates to the PM Perspective site (You should see the placeholders on the site now)
      3) Adding a lot more training to the site, I have a list of about 30 courses that I’d like to put out there

      2020 will be a good year for PM Perspective. Once all of the templates and courses are out there, it’s my hope that the PM Perspective web site will become an “all in” resource for PMs.

      This 101 training and the advanced course that I’m offering covers a lot of ground and should be great for anyone who’s just getting started or wants to increase their effectiveness.

      • Frank Santella says:

        I am glad to hear that you will be coming back shortly. I purchased your starter course as we speak. It’s being processed.
        I am looking into transitioning careers in my late 40’s. I became a Manager within the retail Pharmacy space, then transitioned into the I.T. world and within moved into a Supervisor role of a Team a little over 30 agents. I did work with a few PM,s that dealt with my department to assist on their projects, but was never part of a Project myself. I’d like to pursue this late in my career. I like working with people and communications with people is key and big in the PM world, dealt with politics and babying people in their careers. I also like the PM world as you can make a difference and feel the satisfaction of making a difference and completing a Project and moving on to newer, maybe bigger projects. Just don’t know how to start, people just say jump in, no one will give you a chance, plus you need to know what to do, PMI does not show you how to tackle the PM role, just theory. I have been looking a lot on YouTube and little online courses. Will like to start with your course too, seems really interesting and hands on, I need workshops with hands on experience, that is what is missing in the PM world. Talk to you soon and very happy to hear you will be coming back to help us inspiring PM’s Thanking you again for you quick reply and follow-up.

        • Jason says:

          Thanks for joining the Advanced course!!!

          When it comes to breaking into the PM field, I’d recommend you look for a Project Analyst role, which is the entry level role for the PM Profession. I give some additional tips and hints on how to break in on one of my YouTube videos.

          I have plans to go into more detail on how to find these types of jobs, and how to interview for them in future YouTube videos.

          You’re totally correct, the PMBOK Guide (PMI) doesn’t really tell you how to do anything, it just lays out the best practice … but it’s tough to put anything you see there into practice, especially if you’re new to the whole PM thing. That was the reason I created the advanced scheduling course. If you managed to get a chance to run a project, you need to know what to do *right now* … you don’t have time for theory and platitudes.

          I hope you enjoy the course, and look forward to engaging with you in the class!

          • Frank Santella says:

            Hi Jason, Can you please advise when I can access course?
            It states processing when I look into my order, nothing in the dashboard.
            Just wondering on the process, or it’s automatic access. As I was trying to access, as course not in the dashboard, or I am expecting an email? Thanking you in advance…

          • Frank Santella says:

            Good Morning Jason,

            Order was processed later on in the night yesterday, but the course is not available.
            Under my courses and in the dashboard there is no course available.
            Little below under course there are all the templates, training, but all stating coming soon.

            Will the Course – Creating Comprehensive Project Plans People Actually Follow be available, Advanced project planning be available through a link or downloadable or be available on this site?

            Frank S.

          • Jason says:

            I’m so sorry Frank, I did not receive your messages. (Going to look into that).

            The name of the course changed, which is probably the cause of the confusion. The course is called the “Advanced Project Scheduling course.” You will find it on the Resources Page of the web site.

            Now that you have signed up, the button for that course will have changed from “Purchase/Unlock” to “Enter Class.” You will need to be logged in to get access. You should have automatically been logged in after you signed up.

            Let me know if you experience any issues gaining access.


  • Jason says:

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to the class. Leave your comments, below.

    • Frank Santella says:

      All I got to say, aspiring PM’s or existing PM’s looking to improve their career, came to the right place:

      Please purchase this course, as for the minimal cost, Jason goes out of his way to teach project concepts on scheduling.
      Jason is a NATURAL Teacher, he goes out of his way to make sure his students understand the concepts with true examples and scenarios to really understand the concepts at hand. I just hope Jason will be coming back soon to continue his journey on teaching to help create of a future for inspiring PM’s.

      Thanks again,
      Frank S.

      • Jason says:

        Thank you so much Frank for the kind words. My MAIN goal here is to help people who started out like I did. I was thrown into project management but was lucky enough to find some good mentors. Not everyone is going to be so lucky. So I’m here, ladies and gentleman, if you need a coach to help you get started or improve your game! 🙂

        • Katie says:

          Hey Jason!
          I did what I like to call “Makeshift Project management” when i worked in my dads small business… watching this is great to ‘fill in the blanks’ so far… really informative and I’m really excited to develop my skills further

          • Jason says:

            Hi Katie. Glad you found the information useful! Remember: I’m here if you have any questions.

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