Description WooHoo!

1.I’m open to getting to know people personally and establishing relationships with them
2.I react slowly and deliberately
3.I’m guarded about other people’s use of my time
4.I introduce myself at social gatherings
5.I focus conversations on the interests of the people involved, even if that means straying from the subject or business at hand
6.I’m not assertive and I can be patient with a slow pace
7.I make decisions based on facts or evidence
8.I contribute frequently to group conversations
9.I prefer to work with or through others, providing support where possible
10.I ask questions and speak tentatively and indirectly
11.I focus primarily on ideas, concepts or results
12.I use gestures, facial expression, and voice intonation to emphasize points
13.I accept others’ points of view (ideas, feelings, and concerns)
14.I respond to risk and change in a cautious or predictable manner
15.I prefer to keep personal feelings and thoughts private, sharing only when I wish to do so
16.I seek out new or different experiences and situations
17.I’m responsive to others’ agendas, interests and concerns
18.I respond to conflict slowly and indirectly